His clumsy carrier.

Clumsy is what you become when there are two on board but room for only one. Things get out of proportion before you know it, and you find yourself struggling to keep your balance with a burgeoning belly.

Pregnancy is nature’s way of tricking you into love in the most lovable manner. It puts you up to the distinguished task of bringing a new life into this world, and at the same time strips you of your own sense of freedom. And while the thought of bringing a tiny soul on board haunts you at times, your heart quickly embraces a minute version of itself functioning deep inside you awarding you the peace you so desired.

This is the most profound act of sharing found in human nature, and one that never breaks apart due to distance, age or circumstance. No matter how clumsy I will be in the months to come, and even more so when the newest friend has officially arrived, there are moments of joy that will more than compensate for a dwindling level of productivity in life otherwise.

A rush of emotions in every clumsy moment of pregnancy prepares me to accentuate my love for another human being; a feeling I was alien to before sharing grounds with a new nervous system. My mind races to pick out life lessons to teach him, and my conscience warns me to set examples before I clumsily give in to moral indolence.

Isn’t it unreal that something that tests your muscle, your soundness and your patience all at the same time, can turn you into a compassionate being ready to exchange the last bit of peace for a new found love? Maybe that’s how strong being clumsy really makes you.


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